A few more self portraits.

I’ve mentioned it to a few people, but for the most part I haven’t really talked much about my new regieme.  For the past couple of months, I’ve basically cut out all of the booze I drink plus any food that I didn’t prepare myself (apart from the occassional night out with friends on both counts), in addition to going to the gym.  There were a few reasons for the switch, but for the most part I was just trying to keep my mind occupied and stay busy and this managed that all quite nicely.

I had a lot of help from a personal trainer as I’m not really a gym guy, and recently I’ve been working with a nutritionist as I’m well aware I need to put on some weight (10kg according to my nutritionist!).  It seems like a lot of weight and I’ve been struggling to eat as much as I’m supposed to each day, but I’m trying!

Anyways, I did a couple of self portraits that are a bit racy!  A lot of the look is done with the lights so I’m not quite as these seem (yet!) but I’m getting there.  No real photoshoppery apart from the black & white conversions.

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