Hey folks,

Just wanted to say it was great to meet everyone and spend the week with you all in the summer sun. I’ve posted a small selection of these photos to my facebook page but I’ve exported the rest and broken them up based on who’s in the images.  Some of you I didn’t get may photos of for various reasons, sorry about that.  There’s a ‘Everyone Else’ link at the bottom of the table if you don’t see your name listed.

These are zip files, so hopefully everyone knows how to extract them. The facebook link provided is the resized copies that you can post as you like. If for whatever reason you’d like the un-resized copies of the images, you’ll need to use your ‘full’ link. My webserver isn’t terribly fast, so some of the larger ones may take a while.


Amber & Jeff facebook (3MB) full (122MB)
Cherylann & Jason facebook (3.8MB) full (171MB)
Ian & Holly facebook (13.1MB) full (522MB)
Jenna & Kenton facebook (3.5MB) full (160MB)
Jess & Sue facebook (2.7MB) full (131MB)
Lee-ann, Evan & Colin facebook (3.1MB) full (112MB)
Lisa & Rob facebook (4.1MB) full (203MB)
Mom facebook (1.8MB) full (96MB)
Rosemary & Janette facebook (2.5MB) full (125MB)
Sam & Jason facebook (1.7MB) full (74MB)
Shane facebook (3.3MB) full (129MB)
Tammy & Ryan facebook (4.9MB) full (180MB)
Everyone Else facebook (2.4MB) full (111MB)


If you have any questions, drop me a message on facebook!


Colin/Kenton: I was going to upload a copy of Attack on Titan for you do download and watch, but season 1 was something like 17GB.  I’m afraid my upload speeds are just too slow from here, sorry!  Find a copy and watch it, it’s brilliant!