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28 Days Later

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

So, this year was my second attempt (first attempt here) at an all night photo shoot throughout the streets of London.  The plan was to all meet up on one of the shortest nights of the year, stay up all night and end up at Westminster bridge to try and recreate a few of the iconic images seen in the opening sequences of the film 28 Days Later.

We all met up around 7:30 (baring a few stragglers) on the south side of Tower Bridge for a few sunset photo opportunities.  As I have about 200 images of Tower Bridge already, I took a couple of snaps and then spent most of my time chatting with the other folks.

After everyone arrived, I set up a couple of lights and made everyone pose for a big group photo before we started our slow trek to Westminster.

The POTN Gang
L to R: Matt, Steve, Brett, Paul, Neal, Angus, Bonnie, Scott, Me

Our walk took us from Tower Bridge to Westminster Bridge via the Gherkin, Bank, St. Pauls, Smithfields and Holburn before finally catching a bus from the Strand for our final leg of the journey.  We were running short on time to catch sunrise at Westminster, so we’ll plan a bit better next year I think.

While the sunrise we had wasn’t brilliant, it did provide some terrific light at Westminster which enabled me to get the photo I’d had in my head for a few days prior to the outing.

We were expecting the area to be completely quiet, but London being the city is it there was still a fair amount of traffic and quite a few people heading home from a long night out at 4:30 in the morning.  Still, there were few enough people that we got the shots we wanted without having to photoshop anyone out of the scene.

Definitely a great night out and worth the red bull shakes I had the following day.

As always, there are a few more shots in the gallery.

Brompton Cemetery

Sunday, June 5th, 2011

At the beginning of the year I spent quite a lot of time flat hunting for a place that was not only big enough for two people, but also close to Danni for the interim while we weren’t living together.  Because Danni was still in China for a lot of this process, all I could really do was to take photos of the flats and send her the agency listings to get her opinion.

I viewed a lot of overpriced dives (as well as a few really overpriced nice places) before we finally settled on my current flat in Brompton Park Crescent.




This photo shoot was inspired by one of my 365 project photos.  I went there a few weeks earlier to get this shot, something I’d been thinking about since moving and finally got around to doing.  I was impressed by the cemetery as a whole and decided I needed to come back and shoot a few more spots that weren’t specific to my project.

These were all shot in the middle of the day, but I played with the settings to keep things dark and added a flash to a few of the shots where needed.

More photos of my new neighbour can be found here.