As this is my photo blog/site, I thought it would be a good idea to include some links to other photo websites.  And what better links to include than those of my photographer friends (and their POTN names) here in London.

Photography On The Net
Ok, this is the exception on the links page.  This is actually the forum were I met most of the following photogs and is a great resource for all things (Canon) photography related. – This is my photo a day for a year project that I successfully finished over the course of 2011.  If you’re interested, you can read my end of the year writeup here.

Andrew Chang (futura)
Brett Butler (MaDProFF)
Chris Cassidy (Anke)
Dennis D. (Dr D)
Ian Schofield (iesphotos)
Lee Crawley (TCIK)
Mark Colombus (BOUNCINGNRG)
Matt Peters (Matt Peters)
Matheu Petley (courier)
Neal Humphris (Neal)
Peter (huggles)
Richard Swaffield (Swaffs)
Robert Bridgens (Kaban)
Sylvester Nicholson (Sylvester)
Warren Williams (Wazza)

In addition to all of these lovely people, I’ve got accounts on a few social networking/media sites out there.  This site is sort of my “home base”, so posts or details on networking sites are likely just to be echos of posts and images found here.

Flickr (no longer updated)