Boarding the loft

So clearly I’ve been busy if the only thing I can think of to post is a couple of images of the process of boarding up our loft.  It’s actually something I’m rather excited about though, as it’s basically my first home improvement project and it seems to have come together quite well.  The first step was install a new loft access ladder (which admittedly was done by our builders, not me).

The new access ladder.

I didn’t take any before photos and I wish I had as it would be nice to show.  I’ve only been able to do about half of the loft as we’re waiting for our new water system to be installed so I can get rid of the massive cistern up there.  I’ll take a few images of what the loft looks like then before I finish up the work.

The boards coming together.

It’s all fairly straight forward.  I added a layer of hard foam insulation over-top of the existing fiberglass stuff, making sure to cut hole and grooves where the power cables jump over to joists.  Then over that go some tongue & groove loft boards from wickes.  They work really well, but have the annoying feature of being 2 centimeters too long so each and every one has to be cut to size (which is even more annoying as I don’t have a power saw).  The black lines are to mark all of the power cables so I don’t accidentally drill into them 🙂

A shot of me looking rather pleased.

This is the first half of the loft finished, Danni took a shot of me while standing in the loft hatch.  You can see it’s not that big, and it looks even smaller now that it’s filled with stuff, but it’s such a savior to have for all of the rubbish we insist on keeping instead of just getting rid of.  We’re looking forward to getting it all finished up so that everything is easily accessible and we can move around a bit.

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