Canary Wharf Orbing

Well, sort of.  The plan was to head into Canary Wharf and take a few shots in some predetermined locations with my new orb tools.  That plan was quickly kyboshed by the (friendly) security guards in Canary Wharf.  They quickly detailed the area in which we weren’t allowed to shoot which, by chance or by karmic bad luck, happened to cover every spot I was hoping to visit.

They were nice enough to explain how to go about getting permission to shoot there however.  After my impending company has left and Danni and I have returned from our trip to Greece I plan on doing just that and going back to get the shots I wanted.

Here is the one and only shot we (Ian Schofield and I) managed to get before being moved along.

The one and only orb taken at Canary Warf before security moved us along.

The rest were taken (in almost child like defiance) from across the water but facing back into the area we weren’t allowed to photograph.

Yellow & Red with a couple red geled flashes shooting the train bridge above.

My RGB orbs.

We were actually approached by another security guard in this last location, but he didn’t seem to mind what we were doing.  He was just curious I think.

I have learned that it’s very hard to find a good location in London that’s dark enough to get these orbs to turn out well.  Everywhere is so brightly lit that the light pollution makes everything fade away into the background.  I believe it simply calls for brighter orbs!

Few more in the gallery here.

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2 Responses to “Canary Wharf Orbing”

  1. Bonnie Says:

    Nice shots in CW, I like the second photo of two orbs in different sizes and colours, but just a bit too bright. hmm… I think I know somewhere dark enough to reflect the effect of the orbs….

  2. Kevin Says:

    One of the guys I was with that night has the contact details for the Canary Warf press office, so we’re going back soon with permission this time. I’ll let you know the date so you can come along as well (and share your secret, low light places!)

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