Mutiny on the Mountie

I managed to get a few tickets to go and watch the London Roller Girls compete against Team Canada this weekend. Brian, Clare, Robert, Victoria & I had a really good evening, though we all felt a bit dodgy bringing our Tesco bags full of booze into the community center.

With Canadian Flags in hand we were cheering like mad, but our cheers were drowned out by the London fans. In the end, the Brawlers dominated Team Canada but the final score was quickly forgotten with the help of a few pints at a local pub.

Here’s a couple of quick shots from the evening. My first vantage point was terrible as the folks in front of me were standing so most (all) of those shots included the tops of people heads. Very annoying. The second spot I wedged myself into was much better, but as it was on the corner there weren’t many action shots. Some of the portrait type photos turned out quite well though.

As usual, the rest of the series (there’s a few) can be found here.

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