Spring Flowers

While I may not be a big fan of my new flat, the gated community that it’s in has some really well kept gardens.

Over the past couple of weeks the grounds have more or less erupted with a huge variety of flowers, so Danni and I wandered around over the weekend taking a few photos.

I’m certain my mom would know the names of everything around, but we were just happy with the sights and smells of our colourful new neighbours.

It was such a nice day that we even took Pepsi down to the park and let him have a wander.  He hasn’t been properly outside since his BVI days, so it was quite an event!

We let Pepsi go for a run in the park today

It was nice to take a few photos not purely for my 365 project as well.  It’s been difficult to fit in time to do a full set when I’ve been so concentrated on producing a single image every day.

There are more photos in the gallery if you haven’t had your fill of spring flowers yet.

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