G20 Arrests

I choose to work from home today with the intention of avoiding all of the riots protests going on in the City of London.  Little did I know that the protests would be brought to me.

Around 11 I heard a fair bit of commotion behind my flat so I had a quick look outside to see a few police vehicles in addition to what looked like an armored personnel carrier.  My first assumption was that the police were organizing and getting ready to move into the city.

It turns out, the armored vehicle belonged to a group known as the Space Hijackers (a name I didn’t get until I read their intro page).  The police had pulled them behind my humble little flat to question them, inspect their vehicle, and in the end, arrest them all for impersonating police officers (or simply possessing police gear, I’m not clear on which).

Obviously, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take a few shots from my high vantage point and then a few more from street level.

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  1. lorna Says:

    thank you for these gorgeous pix!
    superb capture of facial expressions and body-language
    can’t you just smell the irony in these pictures
    beautiful shots for the ‘family album’
    ps I may or may not be the mother of ‘being searched’… hahahaha!

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