Garden Macros

One of the first things I noticed when we moved out to Sutton were the massive spiders all around our new complex.  I’m not much of an insect photographer but I thought it might be nice to get the camera out again.  It’s been spending a lot of time collecting dust this year.

Anyway, I wasn’t particularly happy with my first set but I suppose that’s a good thing as it leaves all that room for improvement!

Neighbourhood spider.

Neighbourhood spider.

When I’d finished poking around my neighbours gardens I came back inside and set up my light tent for Danni to photograph some of her new jewelry stock.  My handy stormtrooper is always eager to stand in for a few test shots while I get the light sorted.  It made me want to do some more staged shots with the lego, I’ll have to dig it out of storage soon I think.

Mr. Stormtrooper is our default standin when setting up the light tent.

That’s it for the macro shots, I’ll try to get a few more keepers next time!

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