Richmond Park Deer Take Two

After my last trip to Richmond park was only partially successful in finding any deer, I knew I had to go back and try again.  Fortunately, this time of year is the best time to go and there were several folks from the POTN forum who where planning a trip.  Better still, the plan was to go out (very) early in the morning to get a few shots with the sun rising and the deer just starting their day.

I was lucky enough to borrow a friends 300mm lens for the day, which made all the difference in the world.  The longest lens I own is 200mm, and it just wouldn’t have cut it on this day.  If you’re reading this and also wondering what to get me for Christmas, one of those lenses wouldn’t be turned away.  You’d even get a thank-you card!

It’s apparently too early in the season for the deer to start rutting, but there was a fair bit of territorial stomping and honking.  I don’t know the correct term for the noise the bucks make, but it sounds like an angry car horn so I’m going with ‘honking’.  There were a few of the bigger guys sharpening their antlers on trees, but no real action to speak of.

It was a bit of a learning experience as I’m not really all that familiar with the species of deer that are present here in the UK.  There are apparently 2 different types in Richmond Park: Red deer (the first two images) and Fallow deer (the second two).  The red deer are similar to the Mule deer we had back in Canada and Fallow deer are a bit of an odd one, looking like cute fawns that have moose-like antlers.  They were a bit less aggressive as well, letting us get closer to them and not spending their time competing with the other stags.

All in all, it was a much more productive day for deer spotting than my last attempt.  I only wish my wife and mother in law were along this time to see the amazing displays that they missed out on.  At least the deer aren’t going anywhere, we can always try back next time!  Thanks again to Lee for offering up a lift and to Ian for the lens loan.

There are a few more deer type photos in the gallery.

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