Off to the ballet

In the ongoing effort to introduce new slices of culture into my life, Danni picked up a pair of tickets to see the ballet performance of Cinderella.  Having done years of ballet she’s an obvious fan and has talked about taking me for some time now.  I think choosing a familiar storyline was a good idea as I’m not artistically minded enough to extrapolate any meaning from interpretative dance (or any other subtle forms of expression for that matter).

As we were getting all done up for the evening, I thought I’d take a couple of quick photos of us looking shiny.

Pepsi getting in on the action

Danni & I

Danni & I

If you’re wondering whether or not I enjoyed myself, I did.  I would go again, but mostly due to knowing how much joy Danni gets from attending than for me.  Give me a hockey game any day!

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2 Responses to “Off to the ballet”

  1. Lee Says:

    the names Kitchen, evil kitchen – secret agent! ;¬ )

  2. Murray Says:

    Giddyup …Kev. ……Way to go .. !!
    Stoked (very stoked, Kev)
    Hope it’s really good mate
    Best Wishes
    ps: looks great on my monitor

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