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Prohibition Party

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

My new friend and fellow photo enthusiast Ted Chan invited me along to a party he was shooting as part of his bid to take over the world efforts to expand his photographic knowledge.  As I hadn’t known Ted for very long and as we’d only ever spoken about shooting when we did see each other, I made the rather embarrassing mistake of assuming Ted was inviting me along to help him shoot the event.

This was not the case.

Fortunately, he was a really good sport about it all and cleared things with the promoter so that I was allowed to help cover the event (given that I’d brought along the heavy camera gear anyway, I was thankful).

The event itself was put on by a promotions company, who from what I gather have done quite a few of these events in the past and they’ve always been very successful.  This one was sold out when I checked the website almost a month before it was to be put on.

Obviously, I’ve gone with a very different processing style for these images.  I processed them all normally, but I just didn’t think it really fit.  Something a bit more vintage was in order.  It may be a little over done on the grain, but I was happy with the results overall.

The costumes there were amazing and everyone was really keen to get their photos done.  I even had quite a few people grab me as I walked past asking to have their photos done.  Which was ideal given my usual crippling shyness in asking people if it’s ok for me to take their photos…

There are a few more vintage images in the gallery here, and the images are duplicated here without the extreme processing.