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London Comicon

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

With our nerd badges affixed firmly to our lapels, Robert and I were off to this years Film and Comic Con for a day of childlike indulgance and perhaps a brush with fame or two.

These are mostly just snaps as I was far to excited about all of the toys on offer and costumes on display to worry too much about shooting.  (this should be read as an excuse for the poor quality of the shots)

We circled the showroom floor more than a dozen times as there was always some new gadget out that we had to have or some new cosplayer on display that we had to see.  Also, we spent a fair bit of time just waiting around for our photo op with Captain Kirk.

All in all, a great day out and definitely something we’ll do again!

Vader needed some battle station plans or something. I wasn't caving.

How awesome was this cylon costume! The sounds were even perfect.

Wouldn't be a comicon with out cute cosplay girls.

There are a few more shots from the day in the gallery.