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POTN Covent Garden Meet

Monday, January 5th, 2009

I spent my Sunday afternoon wandering around the Covent Garden area with Mitesh, Neal and Tyla taking a few photos. I don’t think it was a particularily inspired day, but there were a few good shots to be had.

We ran into some tripod police at Sommerset House, but he was actually really nice and let me take a couple of shots before moving us along. Then while taking some shots of the ice skaters we were approached by another security guard and requested to fill out some waivers stating we wouldn’t sell any of the photos we’d taken there. Not that we could without several dozen model releases from the people there, but we signed anyways to keep them happy (and the girl was a Canon shooter herself, so we chatted for a bit).

The most important lesson I learned from the day was that I can NEVER move back to Canada. It was hovering around 0°C and I was freezing! Toque, gloves and warm socks couldn’t keep my extremities from going numb so I can’t see how I could ever cope with the regular -20 weather of home.

Anyways, a couple of photos from the day and the rest are in the gallery.