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Kew Gardens

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

With whole weekends off lately, Danni and I have been venturing out (weather permitting) to explore bits of London near my new flat.  This weekend we hoped on a bus to Kew Gardens to stretch our legs and get a psudo-countryside experience in the heart of London.

Obviously the camera came along for our trip out, but I tried not to take too many typical flower shots as my photo a day project seems to be filling up with them.

The weather wasn’t ideal and it started to rain by the end of the day, but we managed to see a large portion of the gardens.  I can’t go there without visiting the Japanese corner with their traditional gardening style and the massive pagoda.

Summer is fast approaching, but there were still an awful lot of ‘spring chicks’ around.  I got to hang out with a few of my fellow Canadians who were also enjoying the park.

The day ended with a healthy meal and a pint of delicious Kew Gold at a local pub while we waited out the rain, which never did end.

There are a couple more photos in the gallery as is the tradition around here.