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Monday, August 22nd, 2011

My old BVI flatmates and good friends Mo & Kerry have recently found themselves working in Jasper which just so happens to be close (in Canadian terms) to Edmonton.  I managed to borrow dad’s car for the day to drive the ~300km trip out to spend the evening with them and take in the sights of Alberta’s other big national park.

Some good ol' fashioned Canadian scenery.

Mo & Kerry were my tour guides for the afternoon and we did a bit of hiking while wandering around some falls.  I don’t remember the name I’m afraid, but it was suitably impressive for someone living in London who doesn’t get to see such things on a day to day basis.

A final waterfall shot.  What can I say, we don't have many of these in London.

After our little hike it was off to Jasper for dinner and then to Hinton for a quick walk around the beaver boardwalks.  These are a series of very cool elevated boardwalks that meander through a marshy area directly around a beaver damed pond.  We sat and watched 3 or 4 different beavers swimming around collecting food and just doing their beavery things the way only beavers can. ( I’m trying to increase traffic to my site by collecting search results for the word beaver, you may have noticed)

Some of the boardwalk that goes in and around the beaver dam.

There was a pretty amazing sky on the way back to Mo & Kerry’s place so I took quite a few images like this next one all through the car window.  Gotta love nature in Canada!

The sky and some trees.

More images of lovely Jasper in the gallery.